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May 29, 2009
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Got an email from someone who found a rocket at MWP.


If this is your rocket PM me and I'll pass along their contact info



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Hi Randy,

From Eric Cz's excellent data, I see that Howard Stearn of Chicago flew a silver PML Phobos. Pretty sure I remember seeing that rocket on the power lines.

I also have a research 54mm motor brought to the RSO table looks like been in the field awhile. Number etched into forward bulkhead. Tell me what it is and I will send it to you.
Hey Guys, While working as pad manager on Sunday, I took my maroon zip-up sweatshirt off and put it under the LCO table. Just realized where I left it today. If someone picked it up great. Been tearing the house apart trying to find it. I was so intent on getting my Wildman DD up in the air, I walked off without it.
John Anderson.

I have your hoodie and also a pair of glasses. Are they both yours? If the glasses are also yours, I understand why you couldn't find your hoodie! You must be blind without them.

Let me know if they are both yours, send me your address and I will send them off to you. Otherwise, I can bring them to the next club launch if you plan on joining us.
Thanks, is there a launch in Dec? I can get it then. There was no date on the website.
Dark Blue, 3" Dia, 55" len. Cesaroni 38mm 6-grain case.
My name, phone number and TRA number are written in black sharpie between the fins.

Launched on Saturday afternoon, charge was too late or never fired, I lost it in the sun.
If it came all the way in ballistic it was from ~5k, so probably obliterated, but I did not see it below ~1500.

Approximate location is the creek/culvert SSW of the flight line.
I walked three fields and the edges of that drainage ditch until I couldn't see any more and had to leave early evening.
I estimate the closest location was the SW corner of the primary field. I worked out from there.

Yeah, I know, dark Blue isn't the best choice for recovery in a freshly tilled field :sad: