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Feb 6, 2004
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The wife and I started on the Mustang kit last night. Dang those fin locks are tight, but a little sanding loosened them up to get them on the motor tube. Since this is the first Aerotech Rocket I (we) have built, I have a question about the fins. Since the fins are wide at the the base where they touch the body tube and semi-conform to the body tube, do you guys (or gals) still put a small fillet on the fin root edge where it meets the outside of the body tube? Also, what about internal fillets? With the small body tube and the fin-lock rings, I think that internal fillets would be very difficult. I didn't see anything in the directions about my questions, but am going to look them over again to make sure I didn't miss something.


It says to put beads of CA on the inside where the fins meet the motor tube. I don't know about the mustang and external fillets because it lands on the BT, not the fins.
I was sure I had seen that in reading through the instructions initially, but couldn't seem to find it last night. :rolleyes: Anyway, found it this morning. The wife is pretty much doing all the work and I am just coaching since this is her first ever rocket. I think I was more focused on helping her than I was on the instructions. Maybe I should just turn her loose and have at it herself and that way we won't bugger it up. :)


I put a very small epoxy fillet on the joint just to smooth it out a little. Internal fillets are kinda overkill, since the rocket lands on the bottom of the body tube, and the fins don't take the stress of the landing.

when I built mine I just put some epoxy fillets where the fins meet the body tube and have had no problems with the fins coming loose(even after it landed on a barn roof, rooled down tangling the chute around the body tube then dropping 15ft off the roof onto concrete surface). Internal fillets on a mustang would be difficult and with the finlock system on such a small body tube I don't see where it would be needed.

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