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Sep 20, 2003
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I went over to my favorite launch site late in the day in order to launch a couple newly completed rockets.

The one I was looking forward to, a Cycline 3 with three 18mm motor mounts would have been my first cluster via a 12 volt relay ignition. Unfortunately, my top heavy field box (it has a bunch of compartments in the lid) fell over on the rocket snapping off one of the four fins. (insert explicatives here) Strangely enough... this is the same rocket which otherwise had an excellent finish until I decided to apply clear coat to the vinyl with runs and dull coat.....

The other rocket... a Custom Fiesta flew quite well.
A bad day launching rockets is still better than a good day at work!
I keep a small bottle of medium CA, and some of that cheap 5 minute epoxy in my range box just for days like that. I've glued many a fin on that was broken in transit to the launch site, not to mention those rockets with forgotten launch lugs :rolleyes:
Surprisingly enough...

I had the bullpup "finished" before realizing the launch lug was missing. At least I noticed this before getting to the pad saveing myself some embarassment.