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Apr 7, 2004
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Hey, is it possible to make a multi stage rocket with RMS? Or for example could you have a single use motor for the first stage, which then ignites a RMS for the second stage?

I havn't launched any MP rockets before, but I'm planning on getting into MP! I just want to know if it's possible so I can start thinking about TARC.


You need electronic ignition for RMS APCP motors in upper stages. APCP is much harder to light than BP and will not reliably ignite like a BP motor using hot gases from a lower stage.

Check out ROLs info-central for more details.

BTW - You are not allowed to use RMS motors for the upper stage in TARC for this very reason. Go to the TARC website for details.

Bob Krech
Originally posted by bobkrech
You are not allowed to use RMS motors for the upper stage in TARC

Is this a new rule? I had not seen this before----thanks for the heads up!
Matthew -
The only way of igniting the uperstage is electronics like bobkrech said. Fuse is out of the question , as composite burns from the rear of the motor outwards (I think) . A altimeter is what you need.
Okay thanks. Powderburner, are you a student or teacher? I live in Dallas, so we are fairly close by.

The no composite upper stage rule was in effect for the 2004 contest.

In the 2003 contest, you could use composite motors in the upper stage with electronic ignition, however the composite upper stage ignition success rate in the finals was far lower than upper stage BP ignitions so the no composite upper stage rule was adopted for this years competition.

Bob Krech
Originally posted by rocketsonly
I live in Dallas

You poor, poor boy.
(Those of you not from the Fort Worth-Dallas metro area will likely not see the humor in that jab.)

It has been many years since I was a student, and I am not a teacher. I have been a promoter of TARC for the past couple years, taking materials to local schools and trying to 'talk up' the contest. I would join a local club if there was one here in Fort Worth, but for me to attend DARS meetings would require a hour's drive to get there.

I live at the far west edge of Fort Worth. We have enough room to launch A- and B-powered stuff right in our neighborhood, if the wind ever stops blowing. For bigger stuff I usually go to the elementary school in South Benbrook on Hwy 377, or to the Corps of Engineers land behind the spillway at Lake Benbrook.