multiple parachutes for recovering HPR booster

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Jan 21, 2009
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hi TRF,

maybe this question should go in the "support and recovery" section instead, but I'm posting it under HPR because it's mostly HPR related.

basically: what is the best way to attach multiple parachutes to an HPR booster?

background: for aesthetic reasons I want to use 3 smaller chutes instead of one very large one. Mainly I'm concerned about tangling the chutes either before deployment or during descent. Deployment will be at apogee by altimeter although I might have some motors' delay for redundancy. I think the booster will be > 20#, it's 10" diameter so there's plenty of room - maybe too much?

Should I have 3 mount points and 3 tethers? or one mount point, 3 tethers? or one mount point and one tether, and put the 3 chutes' shrouds

how long or short should the tethers be?

I've seen swivels for HPR recovery systems but never used them - any suggestions about where to put them? I would guess between the shrouds and the tether... or should I forget about swivels?? what's your experience with swivels?

last, what's the best way to pack these puppies? maybe make some shelves or bunk-beds inside the booster airframe?!??


You might be able to go with rear ejection and the tubes are just somehow coincidentally the right size for 3 motors... If you go with this you will definetly need 3 attachment points and 3 tethers. I would wait just until apogee, then deploy one chute to right the rocket and the others when it's coming down, kinda like dual deployment but not exactly.