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Aug 20, 2004
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I've been through the archives here, but I've yet to find a reasonable plan for a good, upgradable system for our club.

We'd like a "modular", upgradeable system. Estes class rockets would be on a pad of 10, with 5-10 pad upgrade capability, E-G class rockets would have their 1/4" rod pads (say 5) with 5 pad upgrade capability, and Large rockets would have a rail and or 1/4" rod system, or even a tower, for H-N class launches...

We would like there to be one controller, with a logic circuit that MAKES SURE there are no shorts in order to prevent hotwiring an engine unbeknownst to a rocketeer at the pad. The pads would have some sort of indicator that the pads are armed or not...ANY power through the circuit would light a red light for example....

Anyway, I'm assuming that a relay type system would work. How would the batteries be laid out? And specifically what relays (part numbers, vendors) would be required and where would they be placed? How do you wire the system to prevent a "wiring jungle" from tripping everyone? We'd like it to be a fairly aesthetic system, but still want to minimize costs, of course...I've seen no online vendors that have anything close to what we need...


Thanks to all in advance!