MTMA (NAR # 606) info and 2024 schedule. Aurora, OH

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Aug 29, 2020
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Northeast Ohio
We are "Mantua Township Missile Agency" NAR section # 606

Our flying field is:
Harmon Flying Field
619 Bartlett Rd
Aurora, OH 44202

** This field is Low Power Rockets ONLY. ** It is shared with the Flying Aces of Aurora RC plane club. The field is available for our club launches the 2nd and 4th weekends each month. (Actual flying days & times, depend on weather, available club officers to manage event, and number of flyers who show up.)

Now that Covid-19, the lock downs, and the shakeup that caused to all of us; seems to be stabilized into a "new normal": we want to build up our membership, and especially active flyers.

If your located in NE Ohio and enjoy flying LPR; please sign up on our message board for the latest information. GO / NO-GO notifications, as well as public club discussions will be posted there.

Attached to this post is our 2024 membership form, and our 2024 schedule. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


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@JeffBigg said: "Do you allow up G?"

Field limit is, NO High Power Motors, or High power flights. (ie no "F" over 80N, no "G" over 80N, no 3-motor Estes F15 clusters as it's over the propellent weight limit, etc.) But yes, up to, and including "G" can be flown.

It's a relatvely small field, so "fly the field" would preclude most "sane people" flying making "G" flights.... that said I have done a few when the weather is right for it. Dual deploy or JLCR is almost a must though. For example, Last year I flew a Estes Super Big Bertha on a G40, w/ JLCR @ 300ft, and recovered it.

[ Of course, RSO/LCO decision is final for all flights, if you show up and your first flight is to be a minimum diameter "G" flight, with main out at apogee from motor eject, it probably won't be approved. ]
NO-GO this weekend. No launch March 23 / 24th.

Launch this Saturday has been canceled due to windchill in the 20s, and a 15 mph wind.

Next scheduled launch is Saturday, April 13.
Well yet again the weather is conspiring against us...

NO-GO this weekend. No MTMA launch April 13 / 14th.

Launch this Saturday has been canceled due to the weather. Wind at at 18-25 mph, with higher gusts. Also, the field is a "lake" from all the rain, with deep mud, and more rain forecast.

Next scheduled launch is Saturday, April 27th. (After that will be the 25th anniversary launch on May 11th.)
The 25th anniversary of the Mantua Township Missile Agency (MTMA) is coming up. The MTMA's first lauch was May 16, 1999.

We are going to have a 25th Anniversary Launch on May 11, 2024. The attached flyer gives details.

Please sign up for the MTMA Group Message Board at and to see contest rules (preliminary attached as PDF) , and get event updates.

Reminder that Harmon Filed is a SMALL field, and for Low / Mid power flights only.


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Sorry for late notice.

NO-GO this weekend. No MTMA launch April 27 / 28th.

Launch this Saturday has been canceled due to the weather. Chance of showers all day. Plus, wind from a bad direction and it will be at at 15-22 mph. (We were hoping to catch a break, since it's going to be a warm day, but nope.)

Next lauch day will be May 11th for the anniversary celebration. Let's all hope for a good weekend.
NO-GO for the 25 Anniversary Launch is weekend and change of Rain Date.

We want this to be a fun and enjoyable launch for those who can make it. This weekend is to be low 60s, with 60% chance of rain, and gusty winds at times. So we are making the call early to postpone the event in the hopes of better weather.

The original rain date on the Advertisement Flyer as June 8th does not work due to scheduling. We are postponing the 25th Anniversary Launch to July 13, 2024.

[ Note our next "regular" launch will be May 25th, if we can get a break, and get a good weekend. ]
Next launch is May 25th, Saturday at 10:00 am. Hopefully we get a break in the weather.

The next launch is a sport launch, NRC launch, and a WSMC Qualification Launch all rolled into one! Amazing! Our lowly little NAR sport launch listed next to the Big Ones!

Well yet again. We are canceled due to weather. They were calling for Thunder Storms and South Winds. We made the call to cancel for the weekend.

Everyone have a good holiday, and let's hope June 8th is better.

(Yes, the weather report is changing [again], and improving, but we already sent out the cancelation email, and club officers have made other plans at this point.)
GO for Launch tomorrow June 8, 2024.

It's a tad windy, but within safety limits. We'll need to pay close attention to launch rod angles and weather-cocking, but we think we can proceed with a launch. Reminder the RSO, LCO, can turn down any flights they feel are too much for the size of the field, given the wind. There also, could be pauses if wind kicks up too much, or rockets are drifting too far.

We hope to start about 10:00am, and will go as long as people are there and ready to fly, we can go up until 8:00pm. If you show later in the day and no one is around, we may have had to stop early. (I will not be there, so I can't post here when it is ending...) It's our first lauch this year, so bear with us, getting equipment up and going.