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Sold MRC TR108 Sidewinder kit from the 80's

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Jan 19, 2009
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Hi all! Am trying to thin out my collection a bit...too many kits that I won't be able to get to.

Selling an MRC TR108 Sidewinder kit. This kit was from the first round of MRC's entries into model rocketry, I believe it was around 1986 or 1987? These pre-date the Concept II line. It's a nice boxed kit, the assembled model is about 30" tall.

From the MRC catalog :
When MRC engineers took on the task to develop a large size, 1/4 scale, replica of this famous missile, they kept two things in mind: Hot Performance and realism of design. Except for some minor modifications to improve flight performance, this baby really looks authentic. Just wait until you see it perform using B & C engines. You will be the envy of those guys who can only get their big rockets to fly with expensive D or E engines.

The kit features:
- stand off scale model of the spectacular air to air missile
- large scale design stands more than 30" high
- huge 18" parachute
For intermediate modelers

This kit is sealed in the package, never opened and looks great....it's ready for you to build or add to your collection.

Asking $45 shipped within the CONUS, well packed and shipped by USPS.

Please DM to if you're interested - I accept PayPal, Venmo, and most other common methods.

Thanks for checking this one out!


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