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Sold MRC TR105 - Enforcer


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Jan 17, 2009
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In one respect, the is a fairly typical starter type kit with a plastic fin can and not a great deal of craftmanship involved. It's not "ready to fly" but it won't take long to make it ready and waiting for a little bit of white glue to dry will probably be the longest single step. That said, it does have some things going for it. It's a simple kit that can look really good with the metallic wrap which is always nice for a starter. It should be very durable and is said to reach a high altitude for something with this much plastic. It does have some construction to teach some basics. Most of all, to me, it is an old time MRC kit. I like old things. It features 18mm power and parachute recovery. When the photos were taken, the kit was new and unopened but, when moving the bag to a different box, the bottom seam split (not ot be confused with the bag becoming brittle and disintegrating). The kit has been inventoried and repackaged.

I am asking $45

This kit is offered for sale in an effort to liquidate my collection of kits and is being offered via cross postings on The Rocketry Forum and Ye Olde Rocket Forum. The price indicated is what I have determined by looking for evidence of similar sales but, admittedly, might reflect a poor judgement on my part. I'm just doing the best that I can. The price does NOT include shipping. Interested persons are invited to contact me via PM and I will calculate the shipping. Payment is expected by means of PayPal, Zelle or Venmo. My intention is to make shipments twice per week after confirming receipt of funds. I will try to give the most accurate descriptions I am able to provide and will happily answer any specific questions either by PM or within the post thread.

I'm trying to be fair and honor a "first come, first serve" precedence when dealing with inquiries. That invovles juggling messages I see while at work at the hospital coming from both TRF and YORF. That started out easy but got more complicated as there were more and more rockets listed. I made some mistakes and for that I am sorry.

I also don't mind holding rockets as you wait for more to become available. This does help with shipping costs and nobody has been more horrified than I over the current postal rates. That said, I am going to have to change one thing. I am only going to set aside "sold" rockets. I tried it the other way and a few times I was left in the lurch when others were interested in a rocket. That was only a mild annoyance. What I cannot tolerate is the mistakes that I made in selling something that had been promised. With my faulty memory and hectic schedule, the only way to prevent this when so many rockets are up for sale (with hundreds more to come) is to strictly segregate the sold stuff from the unsold stuff. A hold with an intent to buy now gets 24 hours, barring exigent circumstances, after thas back on the market.


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