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Round 1 currently bidding @
You can still find some very good deals here - way less than the "buy it now" crowd charges for OOP but not rare kits. :cool:

Edmonds Deltie rocket glider
Edmonds Deltie B rocket glider
Edmonds Ecee rocket glider
Estes Asteroid Hunter
Estes Astron Sky Dart II rocket glider
Estes Astron Sprint XL
Estes Hornet
Estes Phoenix Bird
Estes Photon Probe
Estes QCC Explorer
Estes STM-012, with round tubes
Estes Tercel rocket glider
Estes Vagabond
Estes Xarconian Cruiser
MPC Martian Patrol, rare
MPC Nike Clipper RTF
MPC Nike Patriot
MPC Redstone Maverick, rare
Quest Future Launch Vehicle
US Rockets 18mm dual rear eject, opened