moving company lost my unbuilt rockets!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Well I show up in Philadelphia and unpacking is going well, only a few rockets got damaged, and only one past repair, however box 19 which by process of elimination contained most of my build pile is not at the house. In it were several OOP kits, I was wondering if there is a way to get an estimated value on these kits.

Satellite Drone
Canadian Arrow
Mongoose (2 stager from mid/late 90's)

Slight damage; I don't know if I'm gonna make a fuss over them or not.
ARV Condor
Little Joe II (13mm)
Do like the rest of the world likes to do. I think total for the kits is $200 but the Pain and Suffering is worth about $750k :gavel:

Satellite Drone might be more difficult to find but ought to be available for like $15 - easy enough to clone.

Estes Canadian Arrows are still available, might be $25 or $30.

Estes started making the Mongoose again, I've bought two of them recently for like $15. get two, they seem to fly away pretty easily :)
From all my years of moving around I've learned that moving companies don't loose things . . . they acquire them. ;)
...difficult to find but ought to be available for like $15 - easy enough to clone.
When dealing with the moving/insurance company, ALWAYS use the
'collectible' value of your rockets. After all, if you meant to build'em
they would've been in the olther box with the other partially completed

Sorry to hear of your bad experience however welcome to SE Pennsylvania don'tcha just love the humidity were experiencing. Uncrichie
Welcome to Philly.
Hope you find your rockets soon.
I live just outside Philly in the western burbs,
Don't you wonder where all of that "lost" stuff goes. Movers losing things, the one sock that always comes up missing after you do laundry, airlines lost luggage, etc.

I always figured that 's how they filmed the last scene in the first Indiana Jones movie. It wasn't done with computer graphics, they somehow got access to the warehouse where all the lost stuff is stored and just filmed that scene there.

And by the way, there is the old military adage that every 3 moves equals a fire in terms of the damage to your stuff.
Thanks guys, actually the build pile showed up, it was in the bottom of a wardrobe box, that had winter coats in it.

Still missing is my maxi V2 box with my BT pile and monocote, along with lamp shades, and a few other things. (I've checked the other wardrobe boxes no joy)

Uncrichie This humidity is noting, Compared to Florida and St Louis

Thanks for the welcomes
Glad to hear you got some of your missing stuff back.
I'm 25 miles north of Philadelphia. Welcome to SE Penn!