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Jan 18, 2009
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I am just finishing the paint on my Talon 3. The paint scheme is pearl white with pearl blue flames with a black trim. The masking for the blue bled a little bit and I screwed up the black by putting it on with a paint brush. The result is jagged flame lines that don't look too pretty. My original plan to fix these lines was to paint over the bad areas with white paint and go over that with pearl white. Painting the white paint on worked fine, but the pearl white is translucent and the only way to hide those white patches I put on would be a thicker coat, and with a paint brust that would be uneven. To make it more even, the pearl white would have to be airbrushed on during several coats, and I am too lazy to mask off all of the flames. Is there some way to use something like an index card to mask off only a certain spot for airbrushing, and then move the card as the airbrush moves? I would need a very fine spray in a very small area to avoid getting white paint on a flame on the other side.