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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
This is not funny :(

I sent the following e-mail to the CMASS list:

Hello Rocketeers...

Have any of you guys seen a RMS 29/40-120 case with no markings, light scratches, and two G75-10J reloads?

I noticed my range box was looking kinda empty...

I been looking high and low... can't find them....

and I am getting the gut-wrenching feeling that they grew legs and decided to take a walk during the last launch :(

If somebody did take it... at least I would get the last laugh (not that this is funny)... they grabbed the wrong case...

Now that I asked... I probably will find them... you never find something till you ask..


I paid $14 each for those G75's, and you all know what the motor costs :(... If I don't find these.... I will be so upset :(
I hope you find your reloads, and case. One of the things I have enjoyed about launching with various clubs, has been the trust worthiness of other rocketeers. If someone did take them, and is discovered, they should be banned from all future CMASS activities. And to take it one step farther, make a public announcement of who it was. I absoutely cannot stand a thief:mad:
HO Man Doug:
Now that really Bits! I'm fairly sure that whoever did this could have simply ask and you would have loaned, or out right given them the load.. Sorry someone needs a major time out..with a baseball that too harsh;)
"....beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat. Oh yeah oh."

I don't think it's harsh at all. Especially when compared to getting a hand cut off.
I am sorry Doug, that sucks, you know it wasnt me, if I had done it I would have given them back though and I wasnt at the launch. Sorry man
That's one thing that we folks in the Navy don't tolerate: a berthing thief. Used to be that if someone was caught stealing from a shipmate, they'd do some pretty horrendous things to him and leave him hanging from the pipes by his feet, all with the blessing of the captain. Now they do it such that it doesn't leave any marks, and they don't tell the captain. But the thief gets the message!

I found the case... but the loads are still MIA. I been trying to call Performance Hobbies... maybe I left them on the table when I bought them... I did buy an handfull of stuff... No luck so far. :(
Where was the case?

Good luck with the reloads...

I seem to remember you mentioning G75s when we were negotiating that ignitor pack for a G80 trade... That suggests they were there... If I were you I would take a drive out to the CMASS field and poke around wherever your table was... Its worth a shot....:( They might have fallen on the ground... Or maybe they fell out when you were carrying them to/from your car... :confused:

Good luck!

If someone DID steal them, I would definetly make an example if I were you... Something a little less harsh than a public whipping....:eek: :kill: ;)

Check the countertop where you made your sandwiches for the launch;) (an entirely random suggestion, I know, but car keys have been found in ice cube makers....:confused: )
I found the case under my bed... I keep my range box by my bed, so it probabily fell out when I was moving things around.
At least you found the case but I certainly hope that you find the reloads. Did you need a LEUP to purchase G75J's?

I'd like to get one or two myself.

Again, good luck with your search and hopefully they'll turn up. I know the feeling, that'd drive me absolutely insane!!!
Well, that's good news. I haven't flown a Black Jack in a long time. I'm hoping that your motors didn't mysteriously assemble themselves.
I talked to Ken Allen, he did not write up a receipt for that transaction. He does not remember if I left the motors on the table, or took them with me. He arranged for me to recieve two more loads to replace the lost loads. I am impressed :)

If the missing G75's turn up somewhere, I will send Ken the money... that is the right thing to do ;)