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pa Rob

Aug 29, 2009
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I am putting the sale on hold. There was more interest and many more questions than I expected. I will repost with more complete lists , descriptions , shipping and prices. Thanks
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OK, I just read red flag when someone opens up with a post with stuff fore sale.
We have no idea who you are ( your choice) with no input to the forum other than stuff for sale....
Some other forums that I belong to won't let you post under buying / selling forums without contributing to the group first. Other wise it might be considered spamming....

That's just me though:2:

I was a member of PARA in PA and MDRA for 4 or 5 years been out of the hobby for a few years so I don't have allot to contribute to the forum. I am just trying clean out my basement.
I have a Missleworks RRC2 $45.00 I have not made a list of tubes yet most are small from 24mm - 2.5"
I'll take the second RRC2 if Scott doesn't want it since he inquired first.
Received motor hardware, through mail, from the seller. Quick, easy transaction.
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Im just getting back into the hobby any way i can get a list of what ya got?
I think I speak for many, many, many people when I ask, what exactly is left for sale here? motor hardware, yeah I was definitely looking for motor hardware...:confused2:
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