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Dec 21, 2013
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Selling some stuff that I don’t need anymore. First to PM will get the item. Everything can also be picked up in Daytona Beach, FL or at any monthly NEFAR launch (the second Saturday of every month in Bunnell, FL). I'll update everything with sold as fast as I can. Only payment accepted is PayPal unless you pay cash in person. Motors will only be delivered in person. Me and a buddy are planning on attending the SoAR Tifton Launch (Nashville, GA 18K waiver!) barring any tests the week after and would be willing to drive the motors there for a sale. Thanks for looking!!! And sorry, all the damn pictures are sideways.

[SOLD] Aerotech L952 (two grain, 98mm) - $200 [SOLD]
[SOLD] Cesaroni M3100 (five grain, 75mm) - $200 [SOLD]
[SOLD] Cesaroni L1410 (five grain, 75mm) - $200 [SOLD]

Aerotech 54/1280 Complete Motor (forward closure = standard,open) *BRAND NEW, UNUSED* - $140 shipped
Cesaroni 54mm two grain casing (no aft closure, great condition) - $40 shipped

Rocketman 24ft (standard porosity) *BRAND NEW, UNUSED* - $400 shipped
The 24ft Rocketman (per Rocketman's site) can do 105lbs @ 15.73fps, 135lbs @ 17.83fps, 187lbs @ 20.99fps, and 268lbs @ 25.13fps.
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I might be interested in the CTI M3100, if you are coming to LDRS. Otherwise I'd have no way of getting it from you.