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Motor trading at NARAM?

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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi Gang,

I will be attending NARAM on Sat and Sunday. Is anyone interested in some vintage motor trading? I have a slew of older ESTES and Centuri motors to trde, plus a few MPC, as well.

I have a trade list if anyone is interested.

I don't have any to trade (not a collector) but I have many dozen that I may bring to sell...

If any interest let me know and I will bring them. Note: I know the value of the collectables, so... :D

I have many old Estes and MPC motors as well as many old aerotech SU motors.

who wants a tube of B14's??
well, with all the regs, I won't be shipping these which is why I look into bringing them to shows or launches where I can deliver them...

If I have time I will pull some out and put some prices on them...