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Jan 26, 2009
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just got back from florida and i was talking to somone i met and apparently the highest power rocket he ever launched was a g but he doesn't have a licesnce... i thought e was the highest you can go without level 1 cert... umm? yeah im a bit confused...
the largest motor you can use without a L1 cert is a G. H-I requires L1 J-L requires L2 and M-wherever requires L3

you dont need a LEUP for most Gs (you do for G69 G33 and G75) so you can fly Gs without any license. (you need to notify the FAA though)
The G69 requires a permit becasue its fuels weighs over the 62.5 gram limit. The G33 and G75 currently don't require a permit, but most vendors require one to avoid the hassle.
Hi Rabid
Good point, see my post
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