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Motor Hardware for Sale + Other Stuff

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Dec 21, 2013
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Hey, all!

Selling some stuff that I don’t need. First to PM will get the item. Everything can also be picked up in Daytona Beach, FL or at any monthly NEFAR launch (the second Saturday of every month in Bunnell, FL). I’ve got a lot to sell, and I won’t probably post everything all at once, so I’ll make sure to update everything as best and timely as I can. For now, I'll only be selling some motor hardware and a bit of other stuff. Only payment accepted is PayPal unless you pay cash in person. (Price’s will be lowered for pickup, send a pm).

Also an Aerotech L952 kicking around. It's 2 grain 98mm motor. That will be for pickup only. PM me if interested.

Motor Hardware:
Aerotech 54/1280 Complete Motor – brand new, unused – $145 shipped.
CTI 54 2-grain Casing – twice used – $40 shipped

[SOLD] Aerotech 38 FWD Closure – used – $32 shipped [SOLD]
[SOLD] Aerotech 38 Aft Closure – used – $32 shipped [SOLD]

[SOLD] CTI 54 3-grain Casing – used – $50 shipped [SOLD]
[SOLD] CTI 54 closure – twice used – $35 shipped [SOLD]
[SOLD] Aerotech 38/480 Casing – used – $40 shipped [SOLD]
[SOLD] Aerotech 38/360 Casing – used – $31 shipped [SOLD]
[SOLD] Aerotech 38/240 Casing – used – $29 shipped [SOLD]

[SOLD] I also have an AeroPack retainer body that's sized for 75mm LOC tubing - brand new, unused - $20 shipped [SOLD]

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