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Dec 30, 2003
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Well, I had my H210R loaded up all nice and ready to fly, I go to put it in my javelin , and, oops! It didn't fit! Turns out all the ejection charge residue from all of my flights on G80's and other SU's gummed it all up, so it would not fit past a few inches. Now: what is the best way to fix this? I have heard of gluing sandpaper to a dowel and sanding it out, is that the best way?
same thing happened to me with an H165. I used the sand paper method and then jammed it in there.
This is sorta the same idea , just get a pencil , rough-grit sandpaper , and away you go , might take a while but the motor will fit in the end.
Originally posted by WiK
I suppose a file would probably work aswell.

Ive seen drill-bits with a circular peice of aluminum on the bottom , with 400grit sand paper rapped around it , that would work . I use it to sand the inside of BT's when epoxy gets inside and the NC wont fit.