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Jan 17, 2009
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I'm considering purchasing 24mm reload hardware but I'd like to know the exact dimensions of the case. I looked around on the Aerotech website but didn't see anything. Perhaps I'm just blind!?

I'd like to see a schematic that shows every dimension- total length, length to the step at the nozzle, etc.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I think this would be useful for 29mm, and on up, just not for me..... (yet) :cool:

I just measured my 24/40 case. It a diameter of .93" and a overall lenght of 3.59"
This is what I measured with my cheap calipers...

Someone's excited about their new 24/40 case;)

That should be any and all dimensions you should need!
What can I say?....I'm a geek.

John R. McClure P.E. BSME

You should be impressed that I didn't attach an AutoCAD file!
Geekdom aside, that's the info I was looking for! :)

I'm considering the Aerotech to get my Executioner off the ground. I think I got too much epoxy on it. On the other hand, I think you could sit on it and not hurt it! :)