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Dec 24, 2003
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As I was fumbling around today trying to hook up twisted, bent, and corroded alligator clips to estes igniters, I had a quantum level epiphany....

I used to use Pomona Electronics Minigrabbers in instrumentation and thought I'd suggest them to you folks for launching.

See the attached PDF for info

At Newark Electronics, they run about $15 for a pack of 10.
I've seen those at Radio Shack. How well would the plastic hold up to the abuse of repeated flame/residue?

They are glass filled Nylon and I've had a hard tme mangling them with a soldering iron. Nice thing is the contact surface is almost competely shielded.

I'd be careful of El-Shacko del Radio. You might not be getting the same material.

I just ordered some and will beat the tar out of them on May 16th. I'll let you know how they survive.

I don't think I would try these with MPR or HPR unless you had a good lead length.