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Jan 17, 2009
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I first heard about Michaela when Art Applewhite told me about a young girl who came to one of his Freedom Launches in Kerrville. That in itself was not remarkable. What was remarkable is that he told me she was legally blind.

I met her when I did a program for elementary students at the local museum. She was one of the registrants. She asked more questions than anyone else and was obviously interested. What was disconcerting though, is that she never looked at me. When I spoke to her, she was always facing at a right angle and "looking" in a different direction. I did not realize why until later when I saw her with her cane. She apparently has just a slight bit or peripheral color perception on one side. She built and flew her rocket like everyone else.

I met her again when she showed up at a club launch with her parents a few months ago. She was interested in everything. She wanted to see everything. Her seeing involved holding and feeling the rockets.

She came to our club launch again yesterday. I'd like to tell you a little more about her.
Michaela gets help from her dad and mom but she does things herself.


She builds kits like this Estes Patriot...



...but she also designs her own like her Lightning Bolt.


She competes with the rest of us...

...and she WINS!:clap:


I thoroughly enjoy all the young people who show up at our launches. I love seeing the enthusiasm. I don't mind answering the same questions over and over again. To Spikey, Michael, Steven, Lindsey and all the others I say thank you for your interest and for being a part of something I love to do.

To Michaela, I say all of the above AND thank you for motivating me.
Ok that is just SOOO cool. Now no one can say that their eyesight is why they can't put fins on stright. and i hate to say it but i got all teary eye over that just because it was so cool. I have an aunt who is blind and runs an internet radio station so I know that nothing is imposable for the blind.
It's kids like this that teach US what true courage is.

The world could use a few more:)