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May 2, 2009
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I have rebuilt the Mosquito 3D with basswood fins with through-the-wall construction!

here's the RSim File it is a version 7 file, so it might not work on other versions...not sure.
repair this or scrap it out...
:eek: :confused: What happend here!?! I'd just display it from now , the only possible salvageable part is the nosecone I think.
and still perfect...
nose cone's fine...
2/3 of the MMT is fine, too.

i think i'll use the good bits on a new M3d
(it's the Scotsman in me ;) )
one of the three (D12-5) motors blew up
only its 3rd flight!
first flight i sent it up on 3 C11-5 motors, it flew beautifully
second flight, 3 D12-5, it went up, fins came off at about 100', rocket arced over and chute opened 20' up in the air, just in time!
i replaced the surface mounted balsa fins with TTW basswood fins and *BOOM*

that's what i get for using old BP motors!
Just sand and 'neaten' up the area that is damaged . Add a couple of layers of 2oz fibreflass and you shoud be fine ( With a new motor mount ect)
build another 24mm motor mount remove the Catoed area epoxy in the new mount cut a piece of body tube to cover the area between the fins and a second piece to fill in the hole inclosing the damaged area. apply the between the fin patch. Paint it and Stencilo OUCH! on the patch. There called Battle scare, giives the model character:D

i got it fixed in the time it took my wife to get ready to leave