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Sep 24, 2010
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This one was easy to do in some ways, but challenging in others. The fins were difficult to get "right". The rest of it was a piece of cake.

It's a 168% upscale. DJ Delorie built a similarly upscaled Solar Sailer, so here's my later version to go with it.
It's based on a BT60, with a BT52H as the center tube. It's built like a tank, and a bit heavy. It has a 24mm "E" mount, but an E9-6 should only get it to about 500'. I've got a pair of AT F21-7W econojets with their names all over this bird.

Thanks to Astronboy for working out the decals!

Here's a slightly different view, turned a bit.
Finally, here's a pic of the Solar Sailer II along with my Atlantis, Blue Bird Zero, and Goblin to show "scale."

Speaking of "Goblin" Where are the rest of them hiding?

DO NOT tell me you haven't built them yet!!:mad:

You know what I'm talking about!

Pretty! What did you end up using for the decals?

I decided I liked the SS so much I'm doing other up/down scales of it. I now have a PROGRAM that creates rocksim files for the SS1 in any scale, given the outer BT number, optional inner BT, and optional motor diameter. I have a minimum diameter 13mm on the schedule (17" long) and a 3x 24mm cluster hopefully (9.5' long).
I used Excelsior Rocketry (Astronboy) for the decals.

I've got a SSII kit that I will build someday, and I also have an *OOPS* set of 268% upscale decals that I might use to build a BT80 version someday (long story on that one.) A BT80 version would be a 266% upscale, so those 268% decals will probably work just fine. I figure that one would be an interchangeable 3x24mm cluster / 29mm mount. I think I figured on RockSim for one that size to be a shade over 75" tall (a bit over 6 feet.)

Maybe someday on that even bigger one.

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