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Apr 7, 2004
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Rocket Guts will be test launching their first kit this Friday! A kit that nobody has ever seen and surely unique. Those of you who already know, please don't tell! We hope to get pictures up by Saturday night, so stay tuned!
Well, I received some bad news a few hours ago... Seems like tomorrow's meeting and test launch will be postponed do to a member's boy scout duties. We plan on putting the final touches on the prototype Wednesday night, followed by a test launch Thursday morning, then a paint job throughout the day!

Sorry to lengthen the wait, we are all eager to see this thing fly!
Wow. Everything is going against us at the moment. School is about to start for us. I'm busy everyday from 11am-6pm (volleyball 2-a-days). Marvin is busy with Judo on Tuesday and Thursday nights (after 7pm), and Saturday starting at 12pm. And Robby has many misc. things he has to do with his family here and there.

This weekend is also bad because one of our members has to go to Austin with his family.

The only other times we can meet before school starts (August 31) is after 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I'm sure you all are curious at what kind of fundraising kit three teenagers can produce on their own.

Sorry for the wait! Hopefully we'll be able to work on it next week.