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Jul 6, 2003
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As many threads as there are on the Deuce, I thought I'd start yet another. I'm nearing completion of the beast and as nice as the pictures are, I've never been able to fully appreciate it until now. The canted engines tend to get most of the acclaim, and rightfully so! I knew the fins were huge, but once I finally got them on the rocket, I was blown away! You could shove 4 engines into this thing, and it would still be stable!!! My advice to my fellow TRFers (and I'm sure Jim won't object! :D ), If you don't have a Deuce, get one. If you already have one, get another. I got so excited, work on my Saturn V ceased for a few days. Of course it's still not looking like the Saturn V yet. Once it does, I'll probably cease work on everything else, as well. Bottom line, this is a fun rocket to build, and probably even more fun to fly! Thanks for a great kit Jim!
I'll have to try chad staging mine...

(checking CG/CP before pressing button)
Deuce, great rocket, maybe we should incorperate one into the TRF logo ;) :D ;) :D
Originally posted by Ryan S.
Deuce, great rocket, maybe we should incorperate one into the TRF logo ;) :D ;) :D

Again, I'm willing to bet Jim has no problem with that! Well, how about it, Mr. Flis?! TRF/Deuce logo.... It's certainly appropriate in this place! Oh, where do I sign up for Deuce Builders Anonymous?
I've got my Duece and Tres in line to be built, I've got 3 or 4 builds in front of them to finish up first. I want to be able to give them the attention they deserve when I do them, I can't wait!

Nick, thank you :) We always love to hear good things about our kits!

The Deuce's Wild! became our "signature" kit not long after we opened our doors 17 months ago...

It has absolutely amazed me with the attention that it has gotten, and *no* i certainly don't mind. This (rocketry) is a very, *very* hard business to get into and be successful at. It takes a lot of hard work, a strong vision and a constant attention to detail. Of course, having cool models to sell doesn't hurt either... :)

But having a kit such as the Deuce elict the attention from modelers as this kit has is somewhat of a "holy grail" in this kind of business. The Deuce isn't (by any stretch of the imagination) enough of a kit to *sustain* a rocket company, but the attention and recognition it gets, gets people to our site, to our company and to our kits. It's a wonderful thing and I am sure that every rocket company out there wishes they had a *Deuce* (holy grail) that would do for them what the Deuce does for a company called FlisKits.

A Deuce in the TRF logo? I wouldn't be so presumptuous. Besides, I can assure you that TRF has done far more for FlisKits than me or FlisKits has ever done for TRF. If anything, it is *i* who should do something, like make the TRF logo on my site bigger than it already is...

Some of you may have noticed that it wasn't long after I really got into TRF that it moved up the list of border links all the way to the top, just under the NAR. There was a *reason* for that you know. :)

On another note, CHAD staging has already been done by our own Doug, maybe he'll pop in and tell us any issues that need to be addressed.

As for "Deuce Builders Anonymous"..., yer already HERE :D

Originally posted by jflis
On another note, CHAD staging has already been done by our own Doug, maybe he'll pop in and tell us any issues that need to be addressed.

Yes-sir-re :). Been there.... Done that :D.

Here is the thread about that project. Some of the links may be broken. Sorry about that :(

CHAD Staged Deuce Thread
Oops, I forgot to post my fin picture the other night. Don't worry, I've filled the engine tube/bodytube joint now. I hadn't gotten that far when I took the picture! Ok, looks like I need to change tune a little bit. TRF is a great place to share your hobby with others. and certainly it's a good place for rocketeers to get the word out about vendors. Because of TRF, I'm a customer of FlisKits, Thrustline, Squirrel Works, and Semroc. All four of which are top notch organizations by the way. My only problem is, I can buy kits a whole lot faster than I can build them!
LoL! Why dont we just call this place The Deuce's Wild Forum (TDWF) :D:p