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Jan 18, 2009
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Just thought I would share my most recent builds. In addition to these, I have a Deuce's Wild in primer and my son has a Custom Twister getting clear-coated.

Midnight Express (stock):
I love it! :D It just keeps getting better and better!

It is also very special to see someone post pix of their fleet and there sits the *free* Midnight Express, just as proudly as any store-bought kit :)

good rocket.

wait till you see the *next* free paper rocket we're coming out with :D
I was hoping we would see some new paper kits soon. :D

Of course I have a Tres, and a few Midnight Express' to build, so it's not like I am desperatley waiting. Once my Midnight Express' are done, I am going to have take a trip to the launch field and only launch Midnight Express'.
OH, that's just the first one. One of my sons has hand-decorated one that I will be making tonight, and I have downloaded the TDD version (also for construction tonight). Heck, if people are proud of their spool rockets, why wouldn't they be proud of a rocket where they built everything, including the body tube and launch lug? I love that little rocket, and I may end up hand-making several parts of a Quest RTF re-construct (6 months in a tree are BAD for a rocket, you know).