More paper shrouds and Centuri clones - printing / sizing?

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Tramper Al

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Dec 31, 2013
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In my ongoing battle with paper shroud construction and a burgeoning fleet of Centuri exotic clones, I have laid in a supply of card stock paper and white glue and am printing shrouds from the old pdf, tif, and jpg sources. These are the ones uploaded to JimZ and Ye Olde along with the original instructions. They most often do not include a ruler or other reference measure.
Now of course I'll be able to check after the fact when they do or do not fit the relevant body tubes. But is there a quick and easy method to make a best guess at printing them in the original correct size? My KC-8 Orion attempt today nearly fills the 8.5x11 sheet and it looks like I am going for some kind of 3x upscale. Which would be nice, but I am not.

With a pdf, I seem to have the ability (through Properties) to learn the size of each page (often different and smaller than 8.5x11) and then at the printing step to print actual size (which did make my SST Shuttle nozzle and cockpit page quite a bit smaller. With a tif, I seem not to be able to learn the page size. And if I open a tif with Acrobat as a pdf, it gets even bigger. Now my Orion shroud needs 4 pages to print, and the rocket would certainly require a motor for which I am not certified.

Here's a couple of links you can use if you know the dims on your transition.

And there's this.

The one I use mostly is originally from Apogee (I think) and I have it on my HD. Can't seem to locate it on their website though. Had it for years. Sometimes, when you're cloning, you have to do the homework and find out how long the transition was. Getting the tube sizes they fit is generally there on the plan. If you don't like the ones in the links, PM me and I'll set up emailing you the file I have.
The HBOMR, I believe, has an entry on how to draw up transitions on paper or cardstock.

Essentially you use a calculator (or pad and pencil) to get the figures the transition-generator links Gary provides above will give you in a PDF.

Even in the olden days, once you do it a few times, it gets easy. Just plug in a few numbers and off you go. After you've done a couple, you'll get so you can eyeball the figures and you'll know when they're off.

One problem with going from PDF to TIF and back again from one graphic program to another is some programs are not scaleable. This leads to problems getting a shroud printed out the size you need it. Sounds kinda like the problem Tramper Al may be running into.
True that on the generators making a PDF, but they have been to scale. The Apogee tool I have was a download that prints straight from your computer and works like a charm. VCP has one but it doesn't work on Win 7. I liked that one best and it was always accurate.