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Discussion in 'Product and Vendor Reviews' started by Serac, Nov 17, 2019.

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    LOC is well known and loved for their excellent customer service - a fact that I recently experienced.

    I ordered a HyperLOC 835 with custom 1/4-inch fins. I received the kit in short order. When unpacking the kit, I realized that the fins were warped - a lot. The warping occurred mostly at the leading edge of the fin. So, inserting the fins into the fin slots would not straighten them out.

    I emailed LOC asking if they had installation suggestions to straighten out the fins. A few hours later, Jason replies that he had cut new fins, and that they were on the way. I highly doubt that the original fins were warped when they left LOC - they never would have passed even minimal inspection. The new fins (shipped expedited), look perfect.

    The good folks at LOC are great. Highly recommended!


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