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Jan 17, 2009
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Well, while we’re all talking about beta testing, I thought some might be interested in our version of the process.

Squirrel Works started a beta test program with kit 001. Kit 008, the Spacecruiser FFE, is in the test process now.

We like to have at least six people willing to test kits. After the kit has been developed and flight tested we write and illustrate the instruction sheet and design the face card. Then the kit is ready to be beta tested. Every kit is sent out to at least 2 testers, but no more than 4.

Those people build the kits and report back to us. If there are no major problems we make any minor corrections necessary and go into full production. If any major issues are found in the kit, those are addressed and the builders not used in the first round will be sent test kits.

The second round builders then report back to us and we make any final corrections before beginning production.

A one round beta test procedure usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

We take the feedback from out beta builders very seriously. It is because of their early feedback that all our kits include laser cut parts. I think it is largely due to their effort that we have had no complaints about the quality of our kits.
I just sent you an e-mail, Don. Might I be the first one? :D :D

Thanks for your email. I'll keep the information on hand. And no, you weren't the first. :)

Before I get a ton of volunteers, I should point out that I really wasn't asking for more beta testers. I have several right now. I tend to invite beta testers from our customer base and local club. I was just explaining how we go through the process.
Bummer :(. I thought I died and went to rocket heaven... oh well. ;)

Obtw.... I started the Red Baron. Did a little trick with a ruller and clothespin to glue the wing holders to the motor tube :). Really nice kit.

Might try it out first on a 1/2A6... I hear she really sours on a A8.
Oh don't be too bummed out. We have an upper limit on the number of people in out beta test program. This is so that every builder gets a kit on a regular basis.

We recently had a beta builder drop out of the program due to a sudden change in his lilestyle. He no longer had the time to do it. We asked a TRF member to join the program just a few days ago, and he graciously accepted. I'll let him identify himself if he wants. Then you can go break his fingers and take his job. I believe he just got a kit today.


You just have to point him out for us.

Vinnie and Luigi will be by to see him soon.