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Jan 30, 2009
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Some inside shots: Alway Astrobee 1500, Orb transport, Estes Mercury Atlas (Scott Carpenter vehicle), Estes Sidewinder, Estes Pro Jayhawk, Estes Pro Patriot 4-cluster, Custom Ion Pulsar, Estes Black Brant II, Asp Kappa 9-M, and some Launch Pad scale. Can you spot each one?:confused:
I spotted them! Nice fleet!

I've been thinking more about my Alway Astrobee 1500...nice job.

Awww...maybe next winter...

Can you find??? Aerotech Wart Hog, Aerotech Mustang (duh!!!), Public Missles Black Brant VB, PM mini Black Brant X (without payload section), Estes Screaming Mimi, LOC Pro Norad, Thrustline Honest John clone (between Norad and Wart Hog):confused:
NCR Bomarc: Worst kit I ever attempted; started and stopped and started for almost 2 years; actually turned out looking pretty good. Has anyone built one of the Empire Rockets Bomarcs? I would like one of the 1/24 kits.