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Jan 19, 2004
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I have just gotten started back into the hobby .... my fleet is very small at the moment but will grow considerably by the time good weather returns to North Central Ohio ... lol

In addition to the Big Bertha that is complete ... I also have a Mosquito built and ready for paint ... Kits on the shelf include; Exo-Skell, Venus Probe, Mongoose and I have a Aerobee 300 coming from Thrustline !!!

I will be adding pics into this thread as I get my rockets done. I am quite impressed with some of the "Fleet" photos I've seen in the forum ... jealous I guess ... hahaha
great start!!

don't waste too much time painting the mosquito, they don't stick around long. You will, however, enjoy launching the Bertha over and over again!
ahh ... building and painting are half of the fun for me ... if these things get lost or broken ... well we'll just consider those sacrafices to the rocket gods !
Originally posted by raw9jr
great start!!

don't waste too much time painting the mosquito, they don't stick around long. You will, however, enjoy launching the Bertha over and over again!

i got my misquito back 12 times before it floated away into the abyss! (the abyss being a huge tree surrounded by thorn bushes upstate...)
And the rest of my growing fleet !

L to R

Exoskell, Snapshot, Thrustline clone of Estes Aerobee 300 (almost finished), Mongoose, Big Bertha, Mosquito, and a D engine powered Venus Probe underway and laying down in front.

I have to finish the Aerobee and the Venus Probe .... the waiting are a 3D Powered Fat Boy, a Thrustline Mighty Mick, and I have a Thrustline K27 Honest John coming in the mail !!!
That Mosquito looks great!
I don't think I would fly that one. I'd have to build another one to fly. Great job.

The Mosquito flies great on ¼A's. I got a bunch at Wal-Mart at $2 a pack. Glad they're good for something!!!
WOW ... My fleet is growing rapidly ... I've really got a bunch of rockets to build !!!

Rocket Fleet Inventory


1.Big Bertha (complete - flown and recovered 3 times)
2.Mosquito (complete - flown and recovered 1 time)
3.Mongoose (complete - not flown)
4.Snapshot (complete - not flown)
5.Fat Boy (custom 3 D engine cluster via Thrustline motor mount)(not started)
6.Alpha (not started)
7.Exoskell (complete - not flown)
8.Venus Probe (custom D engine power )(build in progress)

Thrustline Aerospace;

9.Aerobee 300 (complete - not flown)
10.Mighty Mick (build in progress)
11.Honest John K27 (not started)


12.Sky Hook (not started)
13.Rawhide (not started)(going to be a pink one for my Grandaughter)
Originally posted by Aerobee300
Aerobee 300 done !!!! Next finished addition will be the Venus Probe "D" !

This is such a cool model. Everytime I see this, I keep thinking..."i want the first Thrustline Sclae project to be a Saturn 1B."
So I noticed that you guys like pictures, so here's a couple shots of our fleet on their new mounting rack.
Awesome fleet Chr$ !!!!! Love that rocket rack too .... I've been wondering what I'll do with all of these things ... you may have just answered that question for me !!! Thanx !!!

Are those pictures taken looking up or down? I'm trying to see if those rockets are horizontal, sticking out near the ceiling, or vertical, rising up near a baseboard...

Looks to me like they are horizontal with the ceiling .... see the fan blade and the recessed lighting ....
I knew this would come up. I should have "splained"

The racks are 6 ft pine 1by2's with a 6-inch long 1/2 inch dowel mounted every 6 inches. I blind drilled the holes for the dowels, filled 'em with wood glue and hit 'em with a nail gun from the back. The nice thing about half inch dowels is that an 18mm motor friction fits over it, and a 24mm estes motor over that. If you drill the forward closure out of a spent Aerotech SU 29mm motor, it slips over the 24. The 13mm rockets slip right over the dowels without any motor.

Now my wife knows why I was saving that smelly bag of spent motors.

The racks are mounted to the wall about 4 inches from the ceiling. They go across my son's room from one side to the other. So the rockets are parallel with the ceiling and sticking out from the wall.
Okay... now I see it... this should very much intrigue my wife, who has been despairing over my growing fleet, and where to display them. Currently they are on a wine rack in our living room, but that is filling up fast!

Well, my fleet is minus 1 ..... the Mongoose CATO'd .... first flight I decided to send her up on C6-0/C6-5's .... booster launch went off perfect / booster lit sustainer perfect .... rocket then nosed over and power dived into the ground / ejection charge went off just as rocket hit the ground .... needless to say ..... She's good for parts .... lol

Arobee 300

That would be a lawn dart


So Chr$, I'm guessing you haven't sprung for one of Jim's Tres or Deuce rockets yet, since they wouldn't fit onto your display rack?

I actually bought a Duece's Wild and an ACME Spitfire from "Just Rockets", a Nevada vendor who comes to our launches. The Spitfire is on the build table and the Duece is for my son who will build it this april for the boy scout camporee rocket launch. I will have to add another row of pegs anyway since there are still about 15 rockets scattered about the house NOT on the existing racks.