More Little Joe detail drawings available..courtesy of George Gassaway

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I was the one that asked in scaleroc group!:D

Somehow old files got purged:confused:

So George downloaded them again...and a few more!;)

Getting ready for the new Roachwerks kit!


Many thanks for requesting this collection. Made my day to see a few new images and details of this Fab-ulous kit. 8)

There seems to be a problem with the last image in the archive, I posted a thanks and note about it over there. Hopefully the image will be corrected for us scale freaks. lol

For whatever reason, the computers won't let me through to see this new data. Either my computer or theirs keeps kicking back my yahoo membership stuff with error messages, with half the blocks erased, and won't let me in. Anyone else having trouble with yahoo?

What the heck IS this information anyway? Something classified?

The only one I can't get to is the last one. That one is a "concept" drawing anyway so I don't think it's a problem.

Let me know if you need them sent to you or posted here.

I got all of them and I'm going to scale them up to use as a "marking guide" on the kit.

After I get the OK from George!

Thanks for the offer, sandman, but first I am going to try one more time tonight with the home computer----maybe that one will get through?

This kind of nonsense reminds me of another thing I like (a LOT) about TRF, and that is: you don't have to use any secret passwords or join anything if you just want to SEE the INFO!