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Jan 17, 2009
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After reading Blades thread on Goonifieing a Corona, I got to thinking. Never a good idea. I had some parts, and needed a break from the Saturn. Here is the results.

A Goonskelion and Goonalear. Hmm, I guess the names need some work.

The Goonalear has a balsa cone instead of the Baby Bertha plastic on because it is what I had. I might change it to plastic.

Both use the same fin sets as the normal FlisKit rocket. The Goonskelion Body is 1 inch shorter than a BB body. Kevlar shock cord leader is the only other modification.





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I plan on Goonyfying a FLis kit soon! Ain't telling ya which one, but it will actually be an UPscale to the original!LOL
Thanks Jim.

The more I look at The Goonilear, the more I think it needs a BB plastic cone.

Off to the hobby shop.
Looks like I started a trend. :) Your Flisgoons look good. And I wouldn't worry too much about the nosecones, several of mine use balsa. Once they're finished, you really can't tell the difference.
Yup, It's all your fault.

Too late on the nose cone. I stopped by the hobby shop and they had a 4 pack of PNC-60A's. The problem is I now have 3 more cones and too much BT-60! Whats next....
A quick general question about goony-fying a known rocket: When made into a goony it generally a 'short and fat' version, correct? Anything wrong to make a rocket into a goony where the goony version is actually longer then the original?

It's up to the builder I think. Generally I think Shorter/fatter is the guild, but also a baby bertha as a starting point is generally considered part of goonifing.
But I think it's up to you. My Goonie lander is shorter/thiner than the Mars lander but I think still a good goonification. My goonskelion is not based off a BB but spare parts. So there is some leeway. I think it's what looks goonie is the only real key.

Well, have gotten the ball rolling,albeit slowly right now, on getting my Flis Goony going!:D Input the original kit dimensions into RS then made changes for the Goony transformation..And in the sim it looks mega kewl! One neat aspect is that the fins are exactly the same size on the Goony version as the original version! Hoping to get most of the work done on it tomorrow and maybe even head over to the old airfield down the road and launch it as well! :D
Well, ask and ye shall receive!

May I present to you and the rest of the world my Goonie-Flis-ation creation the Goon O'Drive! Still needs paint and a bit of nose weight but this one should be a pretty good flier! Unfortunately it doesn't like the C motors(at least in the sims) it is a 'tweener' on those motors..The -5 is to short of a delay and the -7 is too long:confused:..But sims nicely on a B6-4!

Attached it is standing next to the original Overdrive..I do have a balsa BB nosecone that I could attempt at making into conical shape to match the original..Anyways, my first Goonie-fication, how does it look?
It looks, well, goonie!

Very nice! Makes me want to build my Overdrive thats been in the queue for years.

Thanks for sharing.
I just finished my Over Drive (that I got thru Secret Santa '07 :eek: ) a couple of days ago. Good work, Jon!
Thanks for the comments! ;) Need to find some suitable 'ballast' for the nose weight..RS indicates it needs 1/2oz to be stable..I don't have the recovery system installe yet, but once I do, I will check and see how accurate RS is to the real deal as far as weight and balance..Here are a couple of RS files..One is the 13mm original version and the other the Goonie-Flised version :)

Just change the .txt extension to .rkt in Windows Explorer or file management program of choice ;)

View attachment Fliskits Overdrive 13mm Original.txt

View attachment Goony Overdrive.txt
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With the PNC-60A nose cone I use either clay or fishing weights epoxied in for weight. Depending on what size fishing weight I use, sometimes I have to saw off a small amount of the base. Thick CA glue would work also. With those small fins I would guess you would need more than I have put in.

I've only flown my goonie lander, and that flew good. Once warmer weather comes I'll get the rest up and see if I have enough nose weight. They "feel and look" stable now but they need a launch to be sure.

I got a coat of primer on both the Goonskelion and the Goonalear yesterday. I'm going to let them sit for a few days to fully cure.