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May 31, 2017
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Now I know some people hate rockets with an unusual number of fins, but I really dig 5 or 6 fin rockets (plus more drag as I am still high altitude leery).

What are some of your favorite kits that have more than traditional fins? I know MAC makes a few and they looks awesome, but there has to be more! I know a lot are scratch built - but show those off too if you got 'em! :bat:
Let's all give thanks for this.

Forum user ECayemberg was the creator of the turkey rocket. I'm only it's temporary curator until it gets retired to the Smithsonian as a piece of priceless american history.
I have always liked 6 fin rockets, I scratch built two that will be at Airferst this year. Here is the big one "Widow Maker"

7.5" 1-75mm 6-38mm 6 fin 25lbs


My first scratch built was 6 fins. I have two on the drawing board with 5 and 6. I like lotsa fins for the drag but not when it comes time for fillets or finishing.
In line fins or radial fins?
You have your rockets with inline fins:
Binder Tyrannosaur with 9, then MAC Raysor, PML Endeavour, and Wildman Darkstar all have multiple inline fins. There are others as well.
Then the ones with more fins radailly
PML has the Miranda with 6 fins.
LOC Ultimate has 5 or 6
Madcow Reaper with 6
I have always liked 6 fin rockets, I scratch built two that will be at Airferst this year. Here is the big one "Widow Maker"

7.5" 1-75mm 6-38mm 6 fin 25lbs

That is a real beauty! Lovely design. Is it built from LOC materials? Please post more pics of it in flight when you can.
Wow Poker - that's sweet!

I would love an ultimate but couldn't ever afford to fly it :(
I have a 5 finned rocket I flew for my L2. Then crashed (arming the altimeters helps with recovery...) Then rebuilt using the original fincan, since that's all that survived.

It's a 4" upscale of my favorite L/MPR, the Red River Rocketry Scortch.


I really like the looks of the Public Missiles Quicksilver. It has 6 fins & flew great for me with motors up to an AT J270.

If you want lots of fins, you better love making fin fillets! I did 36 of them on my Quicksilver.

IMG_7908-crop.jpg IMG_5619.jpg
Wow those are impressive. Wish my finishing was 1/4 of yours lol.

Really wanting an ultimate now, but seem difficult to find anyways (per other thread)
So, you're the Finemaniacs that are responsible for my inexplicable urge to build rockets without fins! I guess I'm just nature's way of bringing the average back down to 4 where it should be. :cool:
I have several rockets without fins. At least not the traditional fin. Saucers of different shapes and sizes, a cone fin, and one that uses 3 ring fins (like the Celtic Thunder from Fliskits).
5 Finger Death Punch; 5 Times A Fool; Binary Effusion (HP cluster).









Thump in my down is one of my favorite rockets I've seen on here - six fins and I love the back swept shape it just looks so cool!
That's just amazing. I assume the screws are mainly for looks?


The screws are actually functional. On the cockpit, nosecone tip, and the pieces attached to the fins they are all that hold it together. The wooden fin "fillets" are screwed and glued in place, because I don't really trust the epoxy bond to the plastic tailcone.