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Jan 18, 2009
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Here is the newest edition to my crayon fleet. Im just going to use this for mid-power because i built it light.
where do you come up with the rocket body? is it one of those store props that you have modified?
You'r Right Gerbs, Ya gotta love those crayon rockets!

in additions to Ralphco Crayon 10cm banks, there are also smaller banks for just under 3/4" dia to several lengths crayons in 2.6" dia found in toy stores, Toy's R us, and loads in Dollar stores. Or you can alway Scratch build your own in whatever size you'd like.
I personally still like my Micro (Full scale Crayons) and the 5 D12 clustered 4" model below:D
Hey Micro Im workin on a 5-24mm CR's what is the ALT. of yours (just a guesstement) Ive got 4 more crayons here looking at me begging to fly:D
Anyone in the UK have one of these Crayon bank's? Could anyone find me a store what sells them over here , ive had no luck finding one :(
I found a number of crayon banks on Ebay in various sizes all the way up to a 54" tall one.
Thanks , I found this on their website : 'Worcester Paper Tube Company' :d:d:d:d Thanks!!!!! This will come in handy!!
I was checking out the Ralphco website last night looking
for that 54" crayon.......
Ohhh Boy!!!!
They also have a multitude of other "odd-roc" candidates!
How about: a 36" pencil
a 22" Baby bottle
a 24" Pepsi bottle
a 24" Mountain Dew bottle
a 24" Sam Adams bottle
and the same stuff in soda cans!
and a whole lot of other possibilities.......
I challenge someone to fly that "piggy bank"!!!!!

I plan on giving them a call Monday morning to find out
if these can be purchased individually as they are listed in multiples of 6 or 12.........
I think I saw a thread where one of our creative members
built and flew an entire "box" of crayons!!!!!!!
How about a case of "POP"!!!!!!!!
The Mountain Dew folks could update their ad ........
Dr Don
Unfortunately the bottles and piggies are made from thick heavy flexible plastic, they would need a lot of reinforcement and still will be heavy.... :-(