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Jan 18, 2009
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I just got 8 new (old) rockets along with those motors, a co-worker of my dad's used to have a son that liked model rockets... Anyways, he gave up the hobby, and my dad was asked to give the rockets to me. Anyways, i need to know the approximate age of some of these. I have an alpha that is red and white, says "USA" on it, a Warp II payloader. A mongoose (i got one already, no problem there). Some futuristic design that has window decals on the nose, a pratt hobbies logo ish decal on teh fins. A "RAMPAGE". A yellow and black rocket that has some stinging insect decal on it (maybe called the Bee? Wasp?).and last but not least, an "Athena".

Jeez, i wonder if I just made $500... if i have however, these are not for sale. They are already built, so they prolly wouldn't fetch much money anyways

forgot to mention the futuristic model has 1 aft fin and 2 fore fins, at a 120 deg angle. Kinda like a fighter jet.
Hey Blue...

Are these kits or built ups?

I am looking to clone the old Centuri Enerjet Athena... could you have one??? Does it have three 'pods' near the lower body, and a main tube of BT-60 transitioning up to a 2.0" tube?
In short, is it This?

If so, I will be bugging you for measurements, fin patterns, and decal details....

Does the Alpha have a balsa or plastic cone?

Post some pics, and I am sure we here can help date these...

the athena looks liek a E2x model

teh alpha has a PNC.

I think theyre kits, i dunno anything about the history of em though

got to go to bed.

Well ,you two hit the nail on the head.... Exact same models I have. Just need to figure out the other 4....
How about some more info on the "futuristic" one with the window decals?

Is the nose cone a "standard" shape or does it have some sort of canopy molded into it?
This is the best guess I have on your "futuristic" design.

All of the other rockets appear in the 1993 and/or 1994 Estes catalogs.

This is a page from the 1994 catalog:

You'll notice on the right-hand side on the "beta tron" builders set that futuristic design there. It has the "pratt-style" logo on the fin that is rear-most to the point of view taken on the photo.