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Discussion in 'Trash Bag of Suboptimal Recovery' started by gdjsky01, Nov 11, 2013.

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    This November ROCStock the weather was perfect both days. I suppose some will complain about the cold at night but not me. I can always throw on more clothes. But the June sandblasts are miserable. This edition of the November ROC-Stock was only a day and half long. I don't agree with the decision. I have always had a better experience at the November RS than the June... but since I did not run for the B.O.D... I guess I have no leg to stand on.

    So as I said it was shorts and t-shirt weather both days. In the middle of the night it was near freezing.

    I arrived about 10AM and to my complete SHOCK Wayco and his partner in crime had not only saved me a space, they had COVERED it with a lighted EZ-Up!!! I could not have asked for two nicer people to share RS-38 with. And on the other side was new minted Board Member, Bandman44. So I had THE best neighbors. Thank you Wayne and Sharon!

    I took 7 rockets, 6 loaded, and launched 5. I did a bunch of volunteering at the LCO mic so perhaps not as many got launched as I could have. Also at times I could not entertain the thought of my HPR rocket sitting on a rack while enduring the LPR rack launch wait... but that is for a different forum.

    Here you can see Wayco and S.O. waiting for her Darkstar to launch. I was waiting with camera... Our compound is under the Arizona flag with the long streamer (I was in the yellow backed ez-up).


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