Monroe WA Launches are back!

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Jul 12, 2003
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This is from the NWRockets mailing list:

(March 6, 2004; Seattle WA) It’s true! After a two-year hiatus the
Monroe Launch Facility, 37 miles from downtown Seattle, is back. The
first launch is set for Sunday April 4th, and all necessary waivers and
permissions are in hand. Mark your calendars now for Monroe’s monthly
high power rocket launches, to be held between 11 AM to 5 PM on April 4,
May 2, June 6, July 11, August 1, and September 5.

Thee Boeing Employees Model Rocket Club (BEMRC, NAR Section #627) has
successfully re-negotiated permission from the landowner and clearance
from the FAA. With the encouragement of Governor Locke and other past
supporters of Monroe launches, the site supports flights to 5,000 feet
AGL; motors of levels “A” through “K” and rockets weighing up to 20 lbs.
when loaded. I`ll be in as Launch Director, so if you have any
questions, email me accordingly.

Greg Deputy has been sent updates of the FAQ,s liability waiver, flight
cards, and other documentation. So check out the NWR web site in a few
days for mre details.

BEMRC is supplying new ground support equipment, both donated and built
from scratch. There are rods and rails for all rocket sizes. Because of
new regulations found in the Homeland Security Act, those wishing to
launch motors of “H” and higher power will be required to present a copy
of their LEUP or LUP.

It`s good to be back at Monroe and thanks go out to all who have made it
While this is good news for the Rocketry Community in general. It is a Sad state of affairs when the Boeing Employees Model Rocket Club (BEMRC, NAR Section #627) Chooses Ignore to the standing NAR & Tripoli advise to not to police the current BATFE in limbo imposed rulings. It is the job of the BATFE not BEMRC to see the rules or laws are properly enforced. What will be next (Visions of Nazi Germany come to my mind) "your papers please"

(BEMRC, NAR Section #627) chooses to enforce a self imposed rule that anyone wanting to fly "H" class and larger motors will have to show a LEUP or LUP in order to fly.

Please Boycott (BEMRC, NAR Section #627) launches until a change in policy is made.
As I understand it, this is a private club's launches performed on private property. If they decide that you have to show a valid Driver's liscense, a DD214, paint your butt blue and act like a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks, that is their perogative. Don't like it, don't launch there. Form your own club, get your own paperwork in order, find a field, and change the required color to red, if you so desire. This call for a boycott is beyond silly. Go back to RMR where such childishness is "appreciated".

Plus, I invoke Godwin, so you lose automatically (and after only one post).
This is the only launch I can make it to. Orting is too far right now. Monroe is literally almost in my back yard. I only fly Low Power, so the rules won't affect me, and I plan on attending. It's up to BEMRC how they want to run their launch. I'm just happy Monroe is open again.
Originally posted by prowlerguy
As I understand it, this is a private club's launches performed on private property.

Actually, the Land belongs to the Washington State Department of Corrections, so it is Psuedo-public.