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Zak Orion

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Jul 14, 2003
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I just got done building my 4th Stormcaster. Since I already have 2 others ready to fly(one for E and F engines and another with 3-18mm mmts), I decided I wanted one that looked different. So I spent about 15 minutes in Rocsim and came up with this.

Modified Stormcaster
Last Sunday I got a chance to fly the Stormcaster(pic link below). It flew nice but it seperated at ejection. I noticed that while it was coming down it was trying to glide backwards(not enough fin area to quite glide) but it hit the ground rather softly and recieved no damage. A club member mentioned to me after the launch that I should try my hand at gliders(jokingly) seeing that the last 3 designs or mods I did seemed to perform in a simular fashion when a seperation occured, one of them being my L1 rocket.

Modified Stormcaster Launching
Very cool! Somewhat "Armegeddon" - esque! I love the forward swept fins. Kermie might warn you against launching it on an AMW K motor, but I think it looks great!!! :D