Modeling a Rocket in OpenRocket Before Making Eng. Drawings. How Can I Improve?

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Sep 7, 2016
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Been tasking with a few other people to make a CAD model of a model rocket in Solidworks. After I screamed for joy, much to my teammates embarassment, I quickly voluntold myself to the task of designing/drawing up the parts for the rocket.

I'm trying to make a model that'll optimize the apogee for an A8-3 rocket engine. I figured after some general brainstorming, I'd dimension everything out in OpenRocket before hand drawing the components to be made.

I've attached OpenRocket file, would love to know how I can improve it! Anything from the tinniest improvement to glaring problems with it is much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for any feedback :D

View attachment solid.ork
were you thinking of printing this rocket, or building from standard components? in either case one needs to keep an eye on OR, for most things it defaults to cardboard as the material. also you can gain 50' or so by going with a standard size 1/8" launch lug :).