model rocketry field of 64 ?

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Jan 18, 2009
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OK had this idea . Like the NCAA field of 64.
TRF rocketry march madness.
TRF'ers summit a short list of your 3 favorite PRODUCED/Manufactured and sold rocket kits off all time.
Top 64 kits make the field.
I Will post chart and seedings.
Then via the polling function we will have a few head to head rocket offs per day.
This would be just for fun to see what the most popular kit would be.
I know there would be a lot of postings and such so I want to make sure it is
OK with TRF ADMIN-Let me know.
my three based on how much i like flying them, in no order are

Estes Industries- Fat Boy.
Edmonds areospace - Ecee Thunder.
Estes Industries - Skywinder.

there are lots of other that could be in there, like the fat cat, gyroc, snitch
Estes Alpha (preferably the old one with the balsa nose cone)
Estes Big Bertha
Estes Midget (either verson)
My three:
Fliskits Deuces Wild
Dr Zooch Space Shuttle
Rokitflite Odyssey
Estes Goblin
Estes Red Max
Centuri Groove Tube

Sorry, I changed out the Centurion for the Groove Tube. Somebody else listed it and I have to agree!
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I assume this is for LPR only ....

Fliskits Deuces Wild
Estes Interceptor
Estes Alien Invader

If HPR is included ...

I assume this is for LPR only ....
... snip ...
If HPR is included ...


Since he only said kits and not size, I'm going to assume HPR kits are included. Since my HPR rockets are scratch built, I'll only go up to MPR.

Binder Design Thug
Astron Drifter
Art Applewhite 18mm Double Helix

with about 30 tied for 4th. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably have a different list.
Really great idea for a thread!

Estes Mars Lander

Centuri 1/45 Scale Little Joe II

Estes Interceptor
Fliskits Deuce's Wild

Estes Interceptor

Centuri Laser-X
Fliskits Deuces Wild
Estes Big Bertha
Fliskits Midnight Express (I've had more fun with these than most any other rocket)
Estes Big Bertha
Estes Cherokee D
Any Shrox (but SHX-15B if I gotta pick only one) :D
Fliskits Deuce
Estes Canadian Arrow
Estes Phoenix

Too bad scratch builds dont count:


That'd be my top four...
Flis Acme Spitfire
Estes Mars Lander (though before my time, so I fly Semroc's)
Apogee Saturn V
Fliskits Deuce
Estes Canadian Arrow
Estes Phoenix

Too bad scratch builds dont count:


That'd be my top four...

HA! So Say We All! Sue's are the best bar none!

For me, Estes:
BSG Viper
Saturn V (modified for 5 engines)
Columbia Shuttle

Hi All,
I just wanted to be clear from the start of the thread.
The top 4 rockets that gets the most votes will be the number one seeds in there respective divisions. Then rockets after that will be seeded as to the
votes they receive. I want to keep this as simple and non political as possible.
OK here are my three.

Estes Orbital Transport
Estes Maxi Alpha
Estes Der Red Max

Please include Manufacturer if you know it.-Thanks
FlisKits Deuces Wild
Semroc Saturn 1B
Estes Fatboy