Mod a estes sr71 for glide recovery

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May 27, 2009
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Hi all,
Anyone ever mod a estes sr71 for glide recovery? would like to do so already doing 3 engine mod,
THANKS ALL!:cheers::cheers:
Pretty heavy doesn't begin to describe this rocket! Mine flies like a brick. I seriously doubt it would be possible to mod this particular kit to make it glide. That nose cone alone weighs quite a bit.

However, there is a similar kit that is designed for gliding. It's Apogees SR-72. I don't have any experience with it but most of the comments and reviews on the EMRR site seem favorable.
I think to make a gliding version you'd have to use the stock nosecone to create a mold for a very thin layed up .5oz glass cone, or at least find ways to scrap away as much excess plastic as possible from the inside.
More then likely you'd also have to rig a ejectable pod to hold the necessary nose weight for stable Boost flight that ejects like some of the old swing wing gliders or Bomarc.
Building very light would be the key, prehaps removing some of the balsa between body and pods and scraping as much unnecessary plastic from the intake and exhaust pieces nozzles as practical.
Lastly there is finding a way to add some pop-up elevators to help with the glide trim.
Sound like an interesting project, Keep us informed and take lots of in progress pictures if you decide to attempt it.
Micro is on the right track. I would use my Apogee SR72 as a jumping off point. It's scaled down compared to the Estes version and MUCH lighter, but the basic shape is the same and it glides pretty well. Pop pod and elastic/rubber band activated elevons. I'd replace the the plastic intake and nozzle altogether and replace them with a cone and shroud made from 65# cardstock. Removing excess weight from the plastic nose cone may prove challenging, but perhaps careful use of a dremel inside the cone might help things along. Pop pod design really is the way to go, but keep in mind, it's gonna be a tight fit packing a chute between the BT20 engine pod and the BT50. However, the Estes Scissor Wing makes use of those tube sizes, so it's not impossible the pack the recovery parts, just requires some patience and "holding your tongue right", as my Dad used to say.

Hard to say if this will actually work for you, but I'll be interested to find out. Keep us posted.
Hi All,
Was going to use nose as a plug and vac form a new one from it very light weight first thing.