MMX is so cool!

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Jan 26, 2009
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Saw some pen rocket ideas on EMRR so i just had to try it

its pretty close to scale, and the nosecone is only off by about 1 or 2 millimeters (in lenth)

here it is alone:
and here with its big brother

not the most detailed work, but still cool to work with
i threw a MMX motor in a pen and shot it off...went alright, halfway up the trees in hight. my guess is 40ft. lawn dart recovery. used masking tape for fins. heh.
Very cool! I've made a couple of pen rockets, the one I reviewed on EMRR and Art Applewhite's. Never thought of a scale pen-roc.
I took Art's Bic pen Rocket one step further, adding a 50lb Kevlar shock cord and 1/2" x 8" teflon plumbers tape streamer anchored to a 1/8" piece of an enpended MM-1 motor casing as motor stop and shock cord anchor. with the folded paper fin can and ink tube launch lugs these Bic stick pen rockets will go out of sight over 150ft easy.
That pen Scale is pretty neat.
Check out Art Applewhites "Bic Pen" ....
any Bic Stick pen will work, simply pull out the metal ball's the only metal part in the pen;) replace it with a rounded bit of toothpick, sand off the "shoulder" of the nosecone so it slips in and out easily, cut a 1/8" piece of spent motor casing as a motor block, shock cord anchor, add 24" of 50lb kevlar line and a 3/4" x 9" teflon plumbers tape wadding/streamer. fold up and glue on the paper fin can and 2 tiny pieces of the removed ink tube as launch lugs your realy to fly:)

I've actually flown several away on MM-II motors these little buggers go very high, very quickly.
I actually lost my DoubleTree Pen-Roc to the rocket gods :mad: :D Lesson Learned: clear is a bad color for a blends in with *everything* :rolleyes: Never saw the streamer, which propbably was some bright color (I forget).