MMX ignitors vs. used Estes ignitors

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Jan 18, 2009
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I bought a set of original Quest MicroMaxx motors. There was exactly one ignitor included for each motor. I had a couple of misfires, so now I have a couple of MMX motors with no ignitors.

I haven't tried this yet, but I was thinking that if Estes ignitors are made with nichrome wire, I could make a MicroMaxx ignitor out of the remnants of a used Estes ignitor. I could cut the used ignitor in half, give it a sharp bend in the middle, and stick the result into the MicroMaxx motor.

Has anyone tried this? What kind of success did you have?
I have had good success using Estes igniters as is. You may have to sort thru a few and select the ones with the least amount of pyrogen. I used these with a 12v source, not the 9v MMX controller.
Hi, I guess it does not help RIGHT away, but Quest is introducing new igniters this year that will work in the micro maxx motors... NO MORE TIGERTAILS!
Have you recieved any word on the release date for the Quest Micro-Maxx super Value paks #5618? Is it the new Igniters we're waiting on? Just Waiting with money burning a hole in my pockets:D

I also have had good success with estes igniters in MMX motors, I've found the ones with very little pyrogen (Most these days) fit pretty well.
Originally posted by rokitflite
Best news I've heard in ages - I like brand 'Q' motor 'cos of the extra smoke & noise, but their ignitors are a pain to prep in the field.