MMMSC Launch 06 May 2017 ***CANCELED***

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
Our next launch of the season is scheduled for 06 May 2017 at the Harvard Turf Farm (formerly Tuckahoe Turf Farm) in Berwick, Maine. Set up will start about 9:30 and we'll be flying as soon as everything is ready to go. The plan is to fly until 4 PM. The sun will be strong so break out the hats, shades and sunscreen.

What are you planning on flying?

Robert, Gloria and Jason will be there covering all your AMWProX needs. Gloria will handle the food service and has mentioned there will be some new AMW rocket kits available; be sure to stop by the trailer and see what they have. If you're looking for anything in particular, check with them ahead of time. Remember to bring your 38 mm CTI reloads so Robert can check your delay grain holder. If it's from the bad batch, he'll replace it at no charge to you. Whether you are going to fly them that day or not, bring them along so they can be inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

If you're going for your Level 1 or Level 2 certification, please let us know ahead of time and have all of your paperwork ready along with your NAR or TRA card to show your active status. If you've recently joined or certified at a level but don't have your updated card yet, bring your temporary card and/or a print out from the national website to show you are allowed to fly the level you'd like to fly. If you're going for your Level 3 certification, you should know enough to have all your ducks in a row well before you get to the field. As usual, no sparky motor are allowed at our regular launches.

If you're going to need the 1515 rail, give us a heads-up about that, too; if we don't have to lay out the extra cord and equipment, we can save lots of time at both ends of the launch. Jim Moe's new pad design worked wonderfully at last year's launches and promises to be a stable platform for the increasing numbers of bigger rockets we're seeing.

And as another reminder, NAR now requires electronic recovery deployment for any CTI Vmax motors. This will be an ongoing restriction until CTI can define and correct the matter.

Keep an eye on this thread, the club website and Facebook page to see if there will be any issues with the weather.

If you're looking to play a day/night double header, NORG is having a night launch in Salem, MA, starting at 6:15 and running as long as three hours depending on participation. Bring your lighted rockets but remember it's a small field.
I'll be there. My frenzy XL won't be painted yet but I'll be flying it for the first time on a j600. Depending on winds I may fly it again on a k, and/or my 4" little John on either an i236 or a k445. Looking forward to testing my hookup with Bluetooth from my eggfinder to my phone!
And for the comfort of everyone, the port-o-let will make a return visit to the field.

The ticks are said to be quite numerous this year so, please, take precautions with clothing and sprays; find a buddy to do tick checks with.