MMMSC Launch 03 June 2017

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
We're back at the farm on Saturday the 3rd of June.

Come on out and let us know what you're going to be flying.

When we can confirm who will be covering the AMWProX supplies, we'll post that. If you want to be sure that something you need will be available on site, contact Robert or Gloria; if they come, they'll have it along with some good food. If Jason will be there, instead, the earlier you make your request, the easier it will be to coordinate. In that case, Scott will likely man the grill for lunchtime.

Speaking of lunch, if someone is interested in helping out with the food service, talk to Scott that day. Help for the days Gloria isn't feeding us would always be appreciated but taking over the responsibility for the non-Gloria launches would really be a big help.

All of the usual rules apply:
  • Stay on the roadways - no more than two wheels on the very edges of the grass
  • No sparky motors
  • If you haven't done it yet, have your 38mm CTI motors checked for the proper delay grain
  • Positive motor retention especially for composite motors
  • Have your NAR (or TRA) card with you showing your cert level if you're going to fly HPR
  • If the winds aloft are doing much of anything, don't overfly the conditions
  • All the usual stuff in the NAR Safety Code, too.

We're all there to have a safe, fun time. The sun will be brutal so protect yourself adequately and the ticks are numerous this year so take precautions there, too.

Set up starts at 9:00 and flying begins ASAP; more hands make that happen sooner.
I'll be there flying my frenzy XL for the first time on a j600, and depending on wind I'll fly my 4" little John on either a j295 or (less likely) a k445.

Currently looking like it won't rain and wind will be decent, but forecast has been moving around a lot....
It was windier than I expected but a great day of flying!

Here is a composite video from the two onboard cameras and a ground camera for my 4" frenzy XL flight to 1650 feet (1440p resolution so I recommend going full screen)


Here is the on board video from my 4" little john flight on a J295 to 5400 feet, a personal altitude record!