MMMSC 19 August 2017 Launch, SCRUBBED AGAIN.

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The next launch in Berwick will be on Saturday, 19 August. The long-range forecast is talking about rain early and possibly late; it seems we should have a window of opportunity to launch. CMASS had similar forecasts for this past Saturday and it turned out to be a beautiful day for flying the full six hours.

Set up starts at 9 AM (as weather permits) and flying as soon as we're set up. Our flying day will end at 4 PM (also dependent on the local weather).

Jason will be on the field with a lot of the AMWProX goodies. As always, if you have any particular needs, please contact Jason or Robert and Gloria ahead of time to be sure they can take care of you.

Is there anyone that is looking to do a Level 1, 2 or 3 certification at the Launch? If so, please do not wait until the last minute. You need time to go through safety check and set up on the pad. Time runs out quickly if you are not the only one rushing to cert at the end of the day. Also, make sure you have proof of current NAR membership and your paper work ready to go.

Also, does anyone expect to need the 1515-rail pad setup? Let us know ahead of time and try to be there to help set it up so you are familiar with how to work it. The same goes for the other high power pads; the more people we can teach set up and break down to, the quicker we can get flying in the morning and the earlier we can get to the all important debriefing sessions after the launch.

All of the usual rules apply:
  • Stay on the roadways - no more than two wheels on the very edges of the grass
  • No sparky motors
  • If you haven't done it yet, have your 38mm CTI motors checked for the proper delay grain
  • Positive motor retention especially for composite motors
  • Have your NAR (or TRA) card with you showing your cert level if you're going to fly HPR
  • If the winds aloft are doing much of anything, don't overfly the conditions
  • All the usual stuff in the NAR Safety Code, too.
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I plan to be there again, with a few friends. I don't know what they plan to fly, but I'm going to start the day off with the unnamed rocket that was unable to fly last time due to rail button problems. Those issues have been fixed, so it should be a great flight on a J500G. I'm also going to bring my Darkstar Jr and Tubular and will send them up on an I200W and an I430LB, assuming that I have time for three flights. In any case, I'm looking forward to next weekend and have my fingers crossed for good weather.
Joe Barnard has figured out what went wrong and plans to demo his one of his actively stabilized vehicles.

If you've not seen video of these rockets, they're very impressive, and capable of really slow, stable flights. Here's an example:


Note the lack of fins, and the slow liftoff. I believe he's doing away with the clunky launch pad and controller setup so the LCO can just push the button at the launch control table and launch the rocket (from a rail) like any other. The pad is cool, but it's a bit awkward for a club launch.
I'm hoping to come. If winds are decent I'd like to fly my first and second ever k engines on my 4" little John and frenzy xl.
Looks like the rain has been removed from the forecast, but it looks like it will still be overcast. When will the go/no-go call be made?
We're not going to make it after all. I hope you guys get to fly.

See you next month!
As much as I was looking forward to actually fly something again this weekend, I'd really rather not fry something! Looking forward to fair weather at the next launch.
Cloud ceiling at Berwick at 7:45 AM is only 900 feet. The big question is how far into the day before the clouds burn off for a "go"

If it wasn't for bad luck, these Berwick Launches would have no luck at all.