MMMSC 11 November 2017 Launch, Berwick, Maine

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The next launch in Berwick will be on Saturday, 11 November and is the last scheduled MMMSC launch for the season (weather conditions and field access will determine if there is a Winter Solstice Launch). Keep an eye on this thread, the club website and Facebook page to get the latest information.

Set up starts at 9 AM and flying as soon as we're set up. Come early and get trained on setting up the range so we can all start flying earlier. Our flying day will end at 4 PM. Breaking down the range and packing up the trailer is a big part of making for a good day, too, so stick around an learn how to get things ready for the next launch.

Robert and Gloria will be on the field with a lot of the AMWProX goodies. As always, if you have any particular needs, please contact them ahead of time to be sure they can take care of you. Gloria will have a potful of her famous rocket chili along with hot coffee and cocoa which will come in handy with the temperatures in the forecast. She'll be taking care of the usual lunch needs, too, hot dogs, burgers and fries.

The MIT Rocket Team that didn't come up during Parent's weekend will be joining us to make their L1 attempts. Those who made it up last time did pretty well but some of them may be back to try again. If anyone wants to help with safety check, pad management and/or witnessing some of these attempts, please feel free to volunteer an hour or so to work with the students. This will allow the regular launch operations to flow more smoothly throughout the day.

Is there anyone else who is looking to do a Level 1, 2 or 3 certification at the Launch? If so, please do not wait until the last minute. You need time to go through safety check and set up on the pad. Time runs out quickly if you are not the only one rushing to cert at the end of the day. Also, make sure you have proof of current NAR membership and your paper work ready to go.

Also, does anyone expect to need the 1515-rail pad setup? Let us know ahead of time and try to be there to help set it up so you are familiar with how to work it. The same goes for the other high power pads; the more people we can teach set up and break down to, the quicker we can get flying in the morning and the earlier we can get to the all important debriefing sessions after the launch.

All of the usual rules apply:
  • Stay on the roadways - no more than two wheels on the very edges of the grass
  • No sparky motors
  • If you haven't done it yet, have your 38mm CTI motors checked for the proper delay grain
  • Any rocket using a CTI VMax motor and an active recovery system must not rely on the motor's ejection charge for a safe recovery; it must have electronic deployment for all of its events.
  • Positive motor retention especially for composite motors
  • Have your NAR (or TRA) card with you showing your cert level if you're going to fly HPR
  • If the winds aloft are doing much of anything, don't overfly the conditions
  • All the usual stuff in the NAR Safety Code, too.
Bummed I can't make it :-(

If anyone ends up in the woods to the south, I believe I had an 8 foot frenzy lawn dart (or land hard?) near 43°18'26.6"N 70°53'36.5"W, and I'd happily give a $100 reward to anyone who finds it. It looks to be relatively near Homes Mill Rd, just off of Hubbard Rd before you get to the site:


Here is what the rocket looked like. I don't think the main deployed, but if it did it was orange and black.

Anyway I know people have better things to do than look for someone else's rocket, so I'm not expecting folks to actually look, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone ended up over there looking for a rocket themselves or was feeling like a nice walk in the woods :)

Have a great launch!

Oh, and if anyone does end up looking for it but doesn't find it, please let me know! I'd owe you at least a case of your preferred beverage if you went out looking :)
Scott has posted on the Facebook page that it will be cold, and setup will be at 10am EST rather than our usual 9am. For those interested and not traveling from too far away, that should allow viewing on NASA TV of the Orbital ATK Anteres OA-8 mission launch to the ISS. That launch is scheduled for a 7:36am EST liftoff with a 5 minute window.

Weather forecasts for our launch as of today show winds in the 10mph range and cloud ceilings of over 12,000 ft, with temps in the low to mid 30's and windchills in the low to mid 20's, so be prepared.
The end of another Rocketry season. Just wanted to take a moment and give a BIG THANK YOU to Scott, Ken, Guy, and all the others who donate their time and make the launches so enjoyable for the rest of us. I know we appreciate it. Hope to see you all back next year.
The Lanouette Family
Howard Greenblatt launched a 360Fly HD camera as the nosecone of one of his rockets. Here is the url for the youtube video:

Remember, it's a 360 degree camera; you can pan the view up, down and all around. All of the other rockets you can hear being launched can be panned to and even followed on their way up. Enjoy!!