MMMMmmm... Ice Cream!

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Jan 18, 2009
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I went to Cold Stone Creamery recently, and was treated to a pint of ice cream by my girlfriend :). I just finished the pint this evening, and I'd been looking through Art Applewhite's saucers earlier in the day. I put two and two together, and out came "Ice Cream: The Rocket!" Really, it was a result of a case of slight insomnia, coming together with a craving for ice cream, and a launch coming up this weekend. My mind wanders to wierd places.

So here it is! It's designed to fly on 18mm motors, and according to a base drag trick in RockSim, it should be stable, but who knows what really is going to happen. It cost about 50 cents in parts and was really good ice cream, so I really don't care. It should fly on Saturday, I'll have a flight report then.


Blue Bell!:p Specially the Chocolate Covered Cherries! ;)

And good luck Brian on flying your ice cream tub! :)
Well, to my (and others) surprise, it actually flew! The proof is in the pudding, so here it is!

Estes A8